Tutorial- How I fill in my brows in eight easy steps

October is disappearing before our eyes and this is the second time I have attempted this blog post. My goodness it is not easy to take good quality photos of yourself as well as trying to remember to document the whole process. I take my hat of to anyone who videos themselves for Youtube because I don’t think I could manage it!

Before we begin, the pictures are unedited and raw and a little disclaimer* – these are the way I do my brows, every client asks me for a different look in regards to their brows and of course I do what they ask.

I have tried my best and I hope my description will help you all in learning how to create your own unique eyebrows. To show two different styles, my left eyebrow is how I personally  like them which is more defined than the right. Everyone has their own idea of what the ‘Perfect brow’ is and I hope my method makes it a little easier for you.

Without further ado, lets get into it.

Up first are the products that I like to use;

My two favourite products at the moment is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and Illamasqua Brow Gel. There are lots of cheaper versions of both products and I use both for different reasons, which I will show you next.

Step One: Brush through your brow hair and make sure all the hair is facing in the direction it should be

Step Two: I use the Illamasqua Brow Gel and a brush to create the first and most important line, from the front of the brow to the arch as you can see above. As I have very little hair at the front of my brow, I bring the product a little closer to the front so that I can brush it upwards later on. If you have lots of hair here then you probably won’t need to start your line as close to the beginning. The reason that I don’t use the brow pencil for this, is because it is quicker for me to get an accurate line with the gel product.

Step three: Using the same product and brush I bring the product in a straight line down the tail of the brow. (See my Milani blog post for another great product that I often use).

Step four: Brush through the eyebrow to disperse the product gently through the eyebrow, taking care not to ruin the line you have just created.

Step five: Using the eyebrow pencil for a softer look I begin to create hair strokes throughout the brow to fill in any gaps.

Step six: Using the spoolie and no extra product I begin to brush the front of the brow to create a faded look as well as the illusion of hair.

Step seven: To tidy up the area and ensure that the base line is nice and straight, I am using a flat concealer brush and a tiny amount of any concealer.

Step eight: Next up I use a small eye shadow brush with some highligher to highlight under the brow bone. This will draw attention to the highest point of the brow and emphasise the arch, which in turn will lift the face.

For a more defined brow:

On the other side I have defined the brow and made it more rounder. This is the preferred style that I love and it is just a case of making it more parallel than I did on the other side. To keep your brow looking as natural as possible then you would follow the structure of the brow like I did above. On my face the picture below is best suited to me and I make the lines more structured and free flowing. To do this I try and forget about the eyebrow that I have and create a new one. It is so important to keep brushing the product through with a spoolie. Always add a small amount of product, building it up to avoid making a mistake.

There are so many types of eyebrows and there are different products that you may need to apply to tame your brows if the hairs are very long. All these types of questions are what is covered in my 1-1 lessons were I can show you how to create the perfect shape for your face.

Don’t be discouraged if you try this and it doesn’t turn out well. It really does take practice and you can easily achieve this look. There are some really great budget friendly brands out there, such as Primark’s own brand, which have great eyebrow products. I use a variety of products depending on the age of my clients, so it is definitely not  ‘one product suits all.’ I suggest that you build up your confidence with cheaper products and then branch into other more expensive brands when you get the swing of it. This way you can see which type of product that you like to work with and then you aren’t wasting your money. It doesn’t matter the price of the products that you are using, as long as you follow the steps you will easily find the best method for you. Everyone will find something that works for them and you will too.

Benefit have some amazing products and you can find them in Debenhams and ask them for advice on shades and different options.

If you have any questions please leave them below or if you would like to book in for a 1-1 lesson and would like more information then get in touch.

Lessons last 90 mins and cost £45 (£50 inc. lashes). You will learn step by step how to achieve a full makeup look and you are encouraged to bring along your own makeup and brushes  so that I can advise you properly on what you are doing right/wrong.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope you found it helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe to my email list before you go, that way you will get notified every time I upload a new post.

Love, Sarah

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