Spain May 2018

Hey everyone ♥️

This time of year I get lots of questions about waxing, tan, nails, basically all those things that us girls have to do to get ready for a holiday (it’s a man’s world). After being on holiday myself I have all these things fresh in my mind so I thought I would write a blog and answer some of those questions.

First up is waxing…

In my opinion all waxing should be done at least 48 hours before your skin will hit the sun. This will vary from person to person based on the sensitivity of your skin. I prefer to give my skin time to calm down after waxing so that it is in the best condition to cope with the heat.


Should you or should you not get a spray tan before you go?

Again this is purely a personal thing. If you are the type of person who doesn’t go into water much then a spray tan could be lovely on you on holiday, especially if you are as unfortunate as me and know that you will come home as pale as you left. 😂

When I went on holiday I used the Cocoa Brown Dark Moose because I knew that if the wear off was bad due to the water, that I could remove it quickly. Thankfully my tan was absolutely amazing until the last day when it started to wear off around my feet.

Your tan will depend completely on how you take care of it. Moisturising daily will ensure it stays it tip top condition for as long as possible. I can’t guarantee that your tan will look amazing on holiday but you can definitely take steps to help it.

If you are lucky enough to turn a gorgeous shade of brown the minute you walk out of a plane and see the sun, I am majorly jealous of you! 🙈

Will my nails last on holiday in the water?

For my holiday I done a gel polish on my fingers and toes as I knew it will last me the full holiday. How amazing is it not to have to worry about chipping your nail polish? The person who invented gel polish is an absolute hero 👌

I chose bright colours (which I usually don’t do) and I grew my nails out so they were nice and long!

I highly recommend getting your nails done before you go away.

That’s about all I done to prepare for my holiday (not including all the shopping of course) Let me know in the comments section what your tips are for going on holiday and let me know what tan works for you.

This post has put me in the notion of going away again, if only I was so lucky!

PS this headband from Zara was amazing as it doesn’t put a kink in your hair and is soft which means it wont give you a sore head!


Thank you for reading

Love, Sarah 

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