Primark Cleansing Mitt

Hey guys, I am back again with another product review. Skin care is an area which I love to learn about. In the coming week I will be starting a new skincare routine, mainly because I want to make sure that I am looking after my skin as best I can. The fear of wrinkles and fine lines actually has me paranoid and I am forever checking my skin to make sure that I can’t see any signs of ageing yet.

So last weekend I was in Primark in Belfast and seen the ‘PS Cleansing Mitts’ which are two mitts for £2. The claim to remove makeup with just water and that is right up my alley.  I happily threw them into my basket as I was so tired of using face cloths all the time (I like my face cloths to be there just for decoration haha).

I always prefer to remove my makeup before I use a cleanser. With a face cloth though you have to rub quite hard, especially around the eye area- which is not ideal. I wanted to test these mitts to see how easy they are to use and if they remove all my makeup.

Straight away when I took them out of the packaging I could feel that one side was rougher than the other. I could see that it was an exfoliating side and the other was smoother. You will instantly feel that the other side is different from a typical face cloth. It feels smoother and more gentle on the skin. This was a huge positive for me as I have redness on my cheeks and I don’t like to irritate it.

To use them it is super easy. You just have to wet the mitt and wipe your face. They remove every single bit of makeup, including eye makeup. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted although I still haven’t sussed the correct method for cleaning them between uses. I did use hand soap and the makeup came off so for now I will use that tactic, as I haven’t time to wash and dry a new mitt to use every day.

For the purposes of a review I did put the mitts into the washing machine and let them dry naturally to see how they wash. They turned out as good as new and I will happily use these and repurchase more.

Would I recommend them?

Absolutely, I will be using them every night although I will suggest that you use the rougher side with caution as you don’t want to cause your skin any damage. Stick to the smooth side for the majority of the time and I cant see you having many problems!

To recap, I got mine in Primark in Belfast and it was £2 for two mitts. If you buy them let me know what you think as I would love to know.

Thanks for reading

Love, Sarah

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