My trick to dry skin/lips

Hey everyone, I hope you are well. You will have all heard me talking about how dry my skin has been. This is extremely common for the time of year, when the colder weather combined with artificial heat that we surround ourselves with zaps all the moisture from our skin.

As someone used to oily skin, this was definitely a shock to the system and I had to find a method of dealing with it that worked for me. After waking up another morning with the skin peeling from my face it dawned on me that I really needed to replace the moisture that was lost. I didn’t want to be spending huge money on skincare as I am hoping eventually my skin will go back to being oily. But for now, the change is here to stay.

That particular morning I thought of buying some sort of oil for my face. I went to a few different shops and couldn’t see what I was after. This is when I spotted the Johnston’s Baby Oil. Surely if it’s safe enough for babies it could work for my face? Well I was correct! As well as being hypoallergenic I found it to be the perfect solution.

It took about a week for it to completely clear up my dry skin. Now after using it for three weeks my skin has honestly never looked better. I use it every night after removing my makeup and the next morning my skin still feels hydrated and glowing. Before this, in the morning my skin felt so tight and terrible. I also found it to be the perfect solution for dry lips too! Vaseline and other products don’t work as quick as the baby oil does!

The method I found that works for me is that I apply a small amount into my fingers tips and using both hands I apply it all over my face (be careful if you use fake tan as it will remove the tan on your neck). That brings me to another good use, it can remove tan from any areas such as the elbows or ankles which may develop darker in colour. Take a cotton pad and some baby oil and you can bring the colour back to a more suitable shade.

After applying the oil to my face I will take a dry face cloth and just blot off any excess oil to prevent clogged pores.

As always, I will mention that I’m not a qualified skin care specialist. Each individual skin type is different and will require different products. As a beauty therapist and makeup artist I have a strong interest in skincare and love finding different products that work.

I only apply the oil at night as a type of ‘treatment’ as you always should apply an SPF in the morning time to protect your skin.

I hope this works for you and you see results after a few days if you have been suffering with dry skin!

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog,

Love Sarah

Full list of products used on a client- Rose Gold Eyes

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. One of my most popular questions that I am frequently asked is, ‘What products do you use?’. It would take me all day to list everything and I by no means have a kit as big as other Makeup Artists. But I definitely have built up quite the collection over the past few years.

However, I use a variety off products suited to each individual client of course. As always, never take for gospel that what I list here will suit your face. Unless your skin is 100% the same as the beautiful Stacey’s, then it is important that you choose products based on YOUR skin. With that being said, the eyeshadow, eyebrow products etc are suitable for everyone.

So to begin, let me introduce one of my beautiful clients Stacey.

As you can see, Stacey has gorgeous skin and makes my job very easy!

This was a night time look that I created for New Years Eve (I hope I am right about that).

The face products were as follows:

MAC Studio Fix Foundation shade NC35

MAC Studio Fix Concealer in shades NC15 & NC30 mixed together

Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer to warm the contours of the face

Airspun Translucent Setting Powder

MAC Dark Deepest Bronzer mixed with a little of Note Cosmetics Bronzer in shade 30

Illamasqua OMG Highlight mixed with a Sephora Highlight

Peachy Blush from LMD Palette

Urban Decay Setting Spray

Eye Products:

Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette from Huda Beauty

‘Wispies’ Lashes by Ardell

Inglot No.77 Eyeliner

Collection Mascara in shade Black

LA Girl Brow Pomade in Shade Taupe

Lip Products:

Spice Lip liner from MAC Cosmetics

Shade ‘SheEO’ Cream lipstick by Huda Beauty

So that is the full list, to the best of my knowledge! I hope you enjoyed reading through those products, as I know it is one of the things I really enjoy reading from other Makeup Artists.

A huge thank you to you once more for supporting me and I will be back next week with another post.

Love, Sarah

Combatting that pesky dry skin

Happy Friday!

This week I thought it was only appropriate to talk about treating dry skin. If you have been following me for a while you will know that my skin type has changed from years of being oily to very dry in some areas. Now, I still treat my t-zone for oily skin as I find I can still get congestion. It appears to be everywhere else that is now dry. Particularly my forehead and my cheeks have been suffering from flaky skin which is not ideal. I noticed on clients all through Christmas and the New Year that a lot of them all had dry skin. The weather plays a huge role in this as well as central heating and artificial heat also.

It has been a process of trial and error to see what products will help. I didn’t want to invest in any skin care, as I hope this is a phase and my skin will return to normal eventually. If you have dry skin normally, I would highly recommend seeing a skincare specialist and investing in a range of products to ensure you are returning some hydration to the skin and avoiding premature ageing.

There has been one particular product I have used and noticed a significant difference with after- this face mask from Primark which would you believe costs only 80p!

As you can imagine, costing so little I didn’t have huge expectations. There is actually quite a bit of product in each packet so I get two uses out of one which is even better! Don’t forget your neck when using masks and moisturising also. It’s one of the first places to show signs of ageing so be sure to hydrate it, using upwards motions of course. This will encourage the skin to stay taut and not sag (which is pretty obvious when you think about it).

My skin after using the mask feels so soft and hydrated, with a definite reduction in the amount of dry skin.

Now this is not a miracle product that will make it vanish. It is a method of helping treat it. Depending on the level of dryness of your skin will determine the difference it makes. I take really good care of my skin, so I try and stop things like this before they get worse!

I have also been using this moisturiser every morning and evening (even though it is probably just made for morning use). It doesn’t contain an SPF so I use my Image moisturiser after in the morning to ensure my skin is protected. This is hopefully as I say going to be quickly resolved and I will be back to being shiny with oil!

The moisturiser is available from Superdrug for approx £5!

Thanks for reading and I hope if you try either product that you love them!

Love, Sarah

Two different ways to use the BPerfect Liquid Eyeshadows

Hey everyone,

Another week is here and I have a feeling this year is going to go as quickly as last year. My aim as always is one blog post a week and I asked my Instagram followers about whether they would like to see this post or not. 98% said yes so here it is! I hope the photo quality is ok, it is super hard without editing the pictures so I have tried my best!

I got lots of use out of these glitters over Christmas and I know some of you got them as presents too! My favourite out of the three shades is most definitely ‘Buzz’. In my opinion this is the most similar consistancy and formula to the Stila Liquid Eyeshadows. The pigment is just absolutely stunning! The rose gold shade is also beautiful and the silver is lovely on top of another eyeshadow.

For this weeks post, I am going to show you just two different ways of using this product. For a precise application I recommend using a detailed brush as shown in the photo below;

You will soon see why using a smaller brush is super important. The first eye look I am going to show you is the easiest option, of applying it all over the lid. Previous to this photo I have added a light brown eyeshadow into the crease and a deeper brown to really open the eye and lift it.

Using the brush I simply apply the product onto the lid and then blend the edges with a fluffy brush. It is super simple to do and looks as though you have put lots of effort in.

I added some black eyeliner and mascara to the top and a nude eyeliner to the bottom waterline. This opens my eye without adding any further darkness to the lower lashes. A slick of mascara and a set of lashes finishes the look!

For the second look, I done a smokey eye. I began with light brown eyeshadow in the crease which I then faded into black. To add some drama, I used a Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner to create a flick.

I then took the small detailer brush as used before and began to create my look;

I went along the line of my eyeliner slowly and added the liquid glitter. This is so easy to do as you don’t need any glue and you can get a nice clean line.

What I love about this eyeshadow is that it dries almost instantly. If you have oily eyelids then you will need to be sure to prime your eyes correctly and make sure they are set.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved doing it. Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for the next night out you may have! Thank you so much for all the support and please be sure to follow me on Instagram as I try to be more active on there.

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Have a wonderful week and I will be back next week with another blog post.

Love, Sarah

How I clean my makeup brushes.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope 2019 is all you hope for and I thought since January is usually a month for resolutions, that you could add cleaning your makeup brushes to that list!

As I am sure most of you are aware of, there are lots of different products on the market for cleaning brushes. I am by no means claiming that none of these are any good- I haven’t tried them and the system I use at the moment works for me so I can’t imagine I’ll change any time soon!

Depending on how often you clean your brushes will determine how quickly you get through this task. For some it will be a chore, especially if you have lots of brushes. However it is super important that you clean them regularly- aim for once a week and you will notice a huge difference in how you apply your makeup as well as possibly your skin might clear up a bit if you have acne. As you can imagine, brushes are filled with germs!

As a makeup artist, this is part of my daily routine most days. I also spot clean with surgical spirit in between all my clients which I’m sure some of you have seen me do! Hygiene is super important when my brushes touch so many different eyes and faces!

So every evening I deep clean my brushes (this will hopefully be weekly or fortnightly or even monthly for you). This is the routine that I follow:

I use fairy liquid- and a brush cleaner from Primark. The reason I use this little egg shaped cleaner is to try and save the tan on my hand as well as help stop my skin drying out as I do this so often. You can absolutely just use the palm of your hand!

Step one: Holding the brush downwards, rince it under warm water. Never hold the brush any other way but this as the bristles will start to come out as the glue is affected by the water.

Step two: Put some fairy liquid onto the brush cleaner or directly into the palm of your hand.

Step three: swirl the brush around the fairy liquid to begin with coating it. Then begin using circular motions to clean the brush.

Step four: Rince the brush under warm water thoroughly and use your other hand to squeeze out the water. Depending on how dirty your brush is, you may need to repeat the process a second time.

Step five: using a dry cloth, wipe the handle of the brush to ensure it is nice and clean.

Step six: check the brush to make sure it is squeeky clean and place down flat on the dry cloth.

I find it best to leave the brushes overnight to ensure that they are completely dry for the following morning. Be sure to lie the brushes flat and shape the bristles so that they stay in their correct shape.

That is how I do it and my brushes are always in tip top condition. I have never had a bit of bother using fairy liquid and I recommend it highly. It is cheap and cheeful and has antibacterial properties which mean I can be confident my brushes are clean.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post and I hope you all make it a resolution to get cleaning those brushes!

Chat soon,

Sarah xxxx