My trick to dry skin/lips

Hey everyone, I hope you are well. You will have all heard me talking about how dry my skin has been. This is extremely common for the time of year, when the colder weather combined with artificial heat that we surround ourselves with zaps all the moisture from our skin.

As someone used to oily skin, this was definitely a shock to the system and I had to find a method of dealing with it that worked for me. After waking up another morning with the skin peeling from my face it dawned on me that I really needed to replace the moisture that was lost. I didn’t want to be spending huge money on skincare as I am hoping eventually my skin will go back to being oily. But for now, the change is here to stay.

That particular morning I thought of buying some sort of oil for my face. I went to a few different shops and couldn’t see what I was after. This is when I spotted the Johnston’s Baby Oil. Surely if it’s safe enough for babies it could work for my face? Well I was correct! As well as being hypoallergenic I found it to be the perfect solution.

It took about a week for it to completely clear up my dry skin. Now after using it for three weeks my skin has honestly never looked better. I use it every night after removing my makeup and the next morning my skin still feels hydrated and glowing. Before this, in the morning my skin felt so tight and terrible. I also found it to be the perfect solution for dry lips too! Vaseline and other products don’t work as quick as the baby oil does!

The method I found that works for me is that I apply a small amount into my fingers tips and using both hands I apply it all over my face (be careful if you use fake tan as it will remove the tan on your neck). That brings me to another good use, it can remove tan from any areas such as the elbows or ankles which may develop darker in colour. Take a cotton pad and some baby oil and you can bring the colour back to a more suitable shade.

After applying the oil to my face I will take a dry face cloth and just blot off any excess oil to prevent clogged pores.

As always, I will mention that I’m not a qualified skin care specialist. Each individual skin type is different and will require different products. As a beauty therapist and makeup artist I have a strong interest in skincare and love finding different products that work.

I only apply the oil at night as a type of ‘treatment’ as you always should apply an SPF in the morning time to protect your skin.

I hope this works for you and you see results after a few days if you have been suffering with dry skin!

Thanks as always for taking the time to read my blog,

Love Sarah

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