My top tips for getting clear skin.

Hey guys, today I would like to chat to you about how I managed to clear my skin. For many years I thought using harsh exfoliators such as St.Ives products would really get deep down into my spots and clear my skin up. From little knowledge I imagined the harder I scrubed, that I would get rid of all the old skin cells and make way for fresh, new skin.

It was only after reading an article by a skincare brand that I started to think about what I was doing. When you really think about it, some of those scrubs actually hurt when using them. The tiny bits inside the product are scraping away and causing further damage to the skin. If you have any broken capillaries on your face (those little red lines on your cheeks perhaps), exfoliating isn’t going to do those any favours.

After this research I decided to bin the harsh exfoliator that I had been using for years and look into a more gentle form of exfoliation. In fact, I found when I started cleaning my face properly i.e. double cleansing and using the correct moisturiser for my skin type, that I didn’t need to exfoliate. The cleansing mitt that I use from Primark really acts as an exfoliator too. I definitely noticed a huge difference in my skin and how it was reacting to products when I changed my routine.

Of course, I’m not saying it was a miracle worker as when one problem ends another usually begins. But for sure my skin wasn’t even as sensitive as I was being more gentle with it than ever.

In terms of spots, I don’t ever suffer as bad as I used to and my skin has never looked better. It’s all about finding a way of managing the conditions you develop.

I often hear people talk about exfoliating their spots and it makes me think they should try leaving them alone for a while. Perhaps this method might work for you if you give it a go. As a makeup artist though I am very conscious of skin and try my best to control it when I can.

Another simple tips for helping clear up your skin include:

  • Changing your pillow cases often. In cases of very oily skin, turn the pillow on the second night and change the pillow case on the third day. That way you get two days from one pillow case.
  • Using the correct products for your skin type is so important. There is no point in using something because your friend uses it. The chances of both your skins reacting the same is unlikely. Speak to a skincare specialist if you are unsure what type of skin you have. Then you can use the correct products and you will be surprised how much of a difference this will make. Our skin is usually trying to tell us something. I can be that you are dehydrated, need more sleep, need to eat less sugar or fatty foods or as simple as an imbalance of hormones. If you can figure this out you are well on your way to a clearer complexion.
  • Avoid touching your face throughout the day. Our hands harbour lots of germs and we are spreading them onto our faces without even knowing.
  • Sanitise your phone often as when you are talking on the phone it is up against your face and also has lots of germs.
  • The next one is an obvious one but drink more water.
  • Pay particular attention to the time of the month. If you know that you get some spots around that time, then don’t panic and think all your hard work isn’t paying off- hormones play havoc with all of us.
  • Last but not least, clean any makeup brushes you use often. Those things are the perfect breeding ground for spots!

I hope some of these tips help. There are lots more but I find that these are good methods of trying to control acne. If you ever have any further questions about how to treat your skin, definitely speak to a skincare specialist as they always know best.

Thanks so much as always,

Love Sarah xxx

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