My top moisturisers for face & body

Happy Sunday to all, I hope the weekend is treating you well and not going as quickly as it usually does. How does Monday always manage to creep up so quickly?

Now that the weather has changed and there is a sharp chill in the air, it is so important that we look after both the skin on our face and our body. This usually means two separate products as more often that not, the body moisturisers will have perfumes/fragrances which may irritate the face.

So to start things off I will tell you the things I look for when searching for that ‘perfect’ body moisturiser. I use fake tan all year round so it is super important that my skin is hydrated. There is nothing worse than tan clinging to areas of dry patches and being dirty looking on the skin. Even though it takes a minute or two to apply moisturiser, it’s one of those things we want to be able to do as quick as possible. It is also preferable that you don’t feel sticky after applying it and that it doesn’t sit on the skin.

The first time I heard of this particular product, which has been my favourite for almost two years, was when I attended a Bellamianta Spray Tan training course. We were advised to buy it and even though I often buy new moisturisers (you should see the drawer in my bathroom, I could sell them), I always go back to this one and never ever finish the others.

The Garnier Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Lotion is so fast absorbing which is one of the main reasons I love it. The second and equally as important reason, is because of how hydrated you’re skin will feel even after a few days. I highly recommend you try this product and at under £3, the price point is amazing. This will guarantee to make your tan easier to apply as well as it wearing off better. It definitely does what it says on the tin!

Next up is the most important area, the skin on your face. As we are all aware, there are so many skin types and factors to consider. For example I have combination skin and I have an oily t-zone but more or less normal/dehydrated everywhere else. Over the last few years I spent under £5 on my moisturisers and to be honest, it’s only now as I look back that I realise how I could have saved myself a lot of blemishes, never mind shine! Since the day I started my Image Skincare routine I have never once had to touch up my makeup. I can honestly, hand on heart say that my face has been completely shine free and my oil has been kept at bay. One product I really consider as being my ‘hero’ product, is the Image Prevention + daily matte moisturiser SPF 32+. You use the smallest amount every morning and one bottle would honestly last months.

I am a firm preacher of skincare. You cannot expect your makeup to sit flawless if your base isn’t flawless. We only get one face and it is so important that we take care of it. The Image moisturiser is more pricey but I wouldn’t tell you about it if I didn’t think it was 100% worth it. Now, I honestly cannot remember the price but I’m pretty sure it was in the £40 price range. If this product is something you are interested in investing in, then please speak to a skincare specialist in regards to the correct product for you. I highly doubt I will ever change my moisturiser again, although there is a Charlotte Tilbury one I am dying to try (I told you that I am never done lol).

Oh and before I forget, don’t forget to moisturise your neck every day- it is one of the first areas which will show signs of ageing!

I hope this review helps anyone who is need of some new products.

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