My top 5 Makeup Brushes for a flawless base

Hey guys, I hope you are all well! Today I thought I would write about five of my top brushes that I believe are essential for every day makeup. You may be thinking, only 5? Well to some of you who maybe don’t own any brushes, five will seem a lot. Others will have lots of brushes and think five isn’t very many. So what I mean by five brushes are the ones that will create a flawless base, perfect for using quickly in the morning and knowing that the makeup will last all day. To make things easy, all of the brushes that I am going to show you are from This is a brand that I am a huge fan of and I can guarantee that if the brushes are well looked after, they will last for a very long time.

So without further ado, first up is the all important foundation brush. The type of brush that you use for this step is crucial. The F01 Quick Brush will apply your makeup evenly and quickly. Using a patting motion is always best to ensure you are able to create an even skin tone, covering up any pigmentation/redness.

This brush retails for £13.16

Up next we need a concealer brush and the F19 brush is perfect. With concealer I find that the softer the brush, the more airbrushed the finish. Using a patting motion will ensure all darkness and discolouration will vanish, creating a bright under eye. The tapered finish of the brush will allow you to get right into the corners of the eye.

This brush retails for £7.01


Once we have the cream products of our base all complete, we need to set and for this part I generally use two brushes. When it comes to the under eye, it is important to properly set the concealer or it will settle into fine lines or the mascara will run leaving you with panda eyes.

To prevent this, the F15 has a tapered end which allows you to reach corners and ensure that everything is set. I would also use this brush for highlighter as I love how it works the product into the skin leaving it looking like a natural glow of the skin, rather than a streak of shimmer.

This brush retails for £13.15

To set the rest of the face and ensure a flawless base, I love the F34. It is important to set your whole face so that any powders you use after this will all blend well. This will also ensure that the makeup will last from morning til night.

This brush retails for £13.15


For contour, bronzing and blush I love the F16. The dome shaped brush allows for precise application of powders as well as being soft to blend seamlessly into the skin. You could buy a couple of these brushes for those different uses.

This retails for £13.15


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I hope you enjoyed this post and next week keep an eye out for my 5 favourite eye brushes, which will include brushes for eyebrows, eyeliner and eyeshadow brushes.


As always, thank you for reading and I will chat to you all next week,

Love Sarah


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