My secret weapon

Hey guys, so tonight I thought I would let you into a little secret which I have in my kit. I was thinking about what my clients say when they see their reflection in the mirror after I have finished their makeup. Almost everyone asks me how I get their skin looking so healthy? So would you like to know how I do it?

Last year I was watching Tara Doran, who is a makeup artist for any of you who maybe don’t already know. I heard her speaking about this product for months, in fact I am pretty sure it was sold out over Christmas. Anyway, I managed to get my hands on it when it came back into stock in The Body Shop in Newry.

The product is called ‘Drops of Glow’ and it is the perfect addition to your makeup bag if your skin is dull or you are looking for an extra ‘glow’ for a special occasion. Now, you do have to be careful. If you have oily skin then your face is obviously going to get shiny throughout the day. If you were to apply this product all over your face then you will absolutely be seen from space. You would want to apply this product differently for example just onto your cheekbones, or perhaps maybe not at all. If you are very oily and prefer a matte finish, well then the chances are you won’t like this product.

For everyone else this is an absolute dream! Mixing this into your foundation or applying it onto your skin before you apply foundation, will give you a gorgeous healthy base. I personally have oily skin and I apply it to my cheek bones and blend into my foundation.  I find that my base looks more flawless when I use it and I can’t imagine not having it in my every day routine.

So there you have it, I have let you all in on my secret weapon. A lot of my Instagram followers and clients have heard me speak about this product and have seen me use it. At this stage I have repurchased it many many times and will continue to in the future. It is one of my absolute favourite products to use.

I purchase mine in The Body Shop in Newry and they are usually £12. Keep an eye out  as they regularly have buy two get one free as well as other special offers on.

If you buy it I would love to know what you think of it.

As always, thank you for reading

Love, Sarah


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