My opinion of the Primark Glow Setting Spray- Is it worth it?

Hey, I hope you are all having a lovely day. A question I am frequently getting asked is about setting sprays and do I use them? On myself on a daily basis, unless I feel as though I have applied too much powder then no, I don’t. In saying that, I know my makeup will not budge all day. On clients, I always apply a setting spray. This is because it may be the first time doing their makeup and it can be hard to judge their skin. Setting spray is a great way of ensuring I have done my absolute best to make your makeup last all day and night.

Favourites of mine are the Urban Decay All Nighter and the Gerard Cosmetics in Watermelon (which my clients LOVE the smell of).

I am a bargain hunter and always on the search for products which cost less and work exactly the same as their more expensive competitor.

My sister actually bought this for me in Primark in London to see if I would like it. From what I remember she said it was £4/£5.

My first thought was holy moly, I got drenched! You need to hold it a good distance away from your face- definitely further than other brands. The next time I tried it I knew this so it worked perfectly. There is a lot of product released with one or two pumps so little goes a long way. It dries in perfectly and absorbs excess powder. I find myself using it often now when my skin feels drier.

Would I recommend it?

Yes of course, for that price you cannot go wrong.

Is it better than other brands such as MAC and Urban Decay?

Who knows? It performs well and honestly a lot of setting sprays are relatively similar in terms of the results they produce.

I know there is a ‘Matte’ and a ‘Hydrate’ version available. I am sure the ‘Hydrate’ spray would be class for the hotter weather and if you are feeling a little flushed.

There really is no reason to always spend lots of money on products. In my personal opinion, the reason your makeup lasts all day is due to lots of factors. You will need to have prepared your skin correctly, applied a sufficient amount of foundation and concealer, set the makeup and avoid touching your face all day. The setting spray won’t be the reason whether it lasts or not, but it can make the finish more perfect.

Thanks for reading,

Love Sarah xxx

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