My favourite foundation I use on clients with normal/dry skin

Hey guys, I thought I would quickly chat about a holy grail product that I keep well stocked up for my kit.  I always use the foundation that I feel will work best on my clients skin. Your individual skin type will determine which product I use and of course this will vary from client to client.


For the past few years I have bought and used lots of foundations and the truth is, there are so many out there that are absolutely amazing. Every day, month and year there will be new releases and even better formulations being created.


Despite the constant hype about new foundations which I see my favourite YouTubers raving over, I try and focus on the bigger picture. I always ask myself three things:

1. Is the foundation I am using performing how I would like it to?

2. Do my clients love the foundation when they see it applied on them?

3.  What is the feedback from clients regarding how it wears throughout the day?


If the answers to all these questions are positive then I have no reason to search for a new foundation and this is the situation I have found myself in for almost two years.

Hands down the Illamasqua Skin Base foundation is the most PERFECT foundation for normal/dry skin. The application is flawless and you almost look photo shopped, which is what we all want when we look in the mirror and in photos. Unfortunately I have a very oily t-zone which means I can’t use this foundation. So beware to anyone in the same boat as me, I have tried different matte primers underneath and unfortunately the oils still manage to come through. For photography though this foundation is amazing so if it is just for a photo shoot then by all means use the Illamasqua, it is just for other occasions such as weddings that it will require a lot of touching up. I am super envious of any normal/dry skin types which I have to say, are the majority of my clientele. I have repurchased this product so many times and I hope they never change the formula as in my opinion they have nailed it!

So if you have this skin type, then this will be one of the foundations in my kit that I am likely to reach for and you will love the results!

Love, Sarah


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