My Favourite Cleansers that are long lasting and are only £25.

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. An extremely important part of makeup is surprisingly enough, taking it off. We only get one face after all and it is solely our responsibility to take care of it. We have all been 17 or 18 and left our makeup on from the night before. It’s almost like a right of passage isn’t it? But believe it or not, from age 24 our skin is beginning to mature. Of course the odd night here or there of not removing our makeup isn’t going to cause any dramatic changes, but it is important to develop good habits from an early age.

As I am only 28 years old, I thankfully have great skin in terms of fine lines and wrinkles- resting bitch face helps this haha. Though in all honesty, I don’t frown when speaking which I do believe helps. Over the years I have tried and tested lots of ‘drugstore’ cleansers. As I get older these do worry me as I wonder if something at £3/£4 is actually doing my skin any good. However, I don’t want to spend £50 on one product.

A few months ago I began using Alpha-H and I believe these are a great product at a reasonable price. My skin used to be oily but now is more normal/dry with a slightly oily forehead. I haven’t changed my cleanser as I absolutely love the one I am using. It is technically for normal/combination skin and my goodness I love it. After months the bottle still feels quite full which is brilliant. It in no way irritates my skin and feels so silky when applying. I always remove my makeup first with a facecloth or cleansing mitt and then do a deeper clean with the cleanser. It is highly recommended for spot prone skin so it’s definitely worth a try.

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The product itself is very soothing and leaves your face absolutely spotless. My face never feels tight or dehydrated after using this which is so important. I purchased mine for £25 off Beauty Bay.

They have another cleanser which is a ‘Balancing Cleanser’ that is suitable for all skin types and as with the other cleanser, will leave your skin hydrated and completely free of excess oil and makeup.

I highly recommend the Alpha-H brand as a whole. Their full range of products are absolutely amazing, especially their moisturisers too.

Let me know if you give the cleanser a go and what you think of it.

Love, Sarah

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