L’Oreal Paris Bonjour Nudista

Hello everyone, I purchased this product for my holiday in Spain as a tinted moisturiser type product, to give my face a little colour and to even out my skin tone. As I am extremely pale, I always apply tan before I go on holiday so that I look a little less scary (or sick looking).

I seen the Bonjour Nudista skin tint and after reading what it claimed to do, I threw it in my basket and said that it would do! I used it a couple of times during my time away, but as I had to apply suncream underneath, my skin would get quite oily in the heat.

So fast forward a month and the sun has been beaming here for quite a few days now. I decided to give it another go and on Sunday I wore it to Portrush. After a full day of windy weather I couldn’t believe how it lasted 13 hours and it was almost perfect. So it got the seal of approval for my ‘barely there’ makeup look.

Yesterday, I decided to use it as my replacement foundation for the day, as I couldn’t believe how well it wore throughout the day. I was also impressed that it was made from over 90% natural ingredients and was hoping I could replace my everyday foundation.  I did notice on Sunday that it oxidises and it does darken after application.

I applied the product exactly as I would my normal routine and set it with translucent powder. Now as I write this, it has been 11 hours since I applied it and it genuinely has not budged. The formula is meant to give a light, breathe-able texture and I found that it is definitely build able. I always wear a full coverage foundation and if I was to test it correctly, I was going to need to try and make it work. After applying a good amount of product, I built it to a medium-full coverage.

Ok, so let’s look at some pictures I took this morning after I had applied it (no filters or editing).

As you can see, it genuinely applied so well and sat really nicely on my skin. I decided to do a Pro/Con list so that you can see what I liked or did not like.

  • It is buildable
  • Very lightweight and breathable
  • Easy to apply
  • Extremely long lasting
  • It oxidises quite quickly and can look very bronzed
  • You have to use a lot of product to be able to build it up which means that it isn’t really suitable for an every day foundation, but better suited for a ‘natural look’ as it states
  • The shade range is extremely limited
  • I prefer more olive undertones and these all seemed to be more of a pink undertone



After using the product in different ways it is definitely best suited as a tinted moisturiser and not as an every day foundation. The shades are limited and I personally wouldn’t wear this product every day in place of foundation as the shades are either too pink or orange and not suitable to be wearing with concealer etc. The lasting power is extremely impressive and I wish they would make this formula into a foundation with a broader shade range! I would definitely be one of the first to buy it!

This would be perfect for anyone who doesn’t wear tan or much makeup in general, or anyone who is going on holiday and would like a little colour on their face! If you found a shade that suited you, then you are guaranteed to have a product that is going to last all day and I would definitely use some form of powder to set it in place. I would recommend spending a bit of time looking at the shades to be sure you are getting the correct one for you.

I used shade Medium in the photos and I purchased from Superdrug for £9.99.


I hope you enjoyed this review

Love, Sarah 

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