How to do the dreaded ‘flick’

Hey guys, my goodness this week’s post has pushed me to the limit in terms of being able to achieve it. Over the past few weeks I have attempted on three occasions to film it for my Instagram, but it is so incredibly difficult to do while holding a phone at the same time.

I truly tried my best to get easy step by step photos for you to follow along to. Something which is usually easy for me, was made 100 times more complicated when trying to get photos of the steps, as pardon the pun, I usually just ‘wing it’ and never worry about the process being tidy, as I just fix it up at the end.

So without further ado, lets begin this tutorial.

The first thing to do is draw a line using either eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, gel liner or a sharpened eyeliner pencil. This line is an extension of the lower lash line as shown in the photo above. Once you have placed the line you don’t need to worry about how long it is, as we can extend it later on.

Using small strokes, I move to the top of the line and drag it back towards the eyelid, filling in the gap as we go along.

Moving to the inner corner next, go slowly and draw a thin line from the inner corner to the outer corner. Move really slowly to ensure precise application.

The last step is to connect the line to the flick. This is really easy to do if you go slowly. When you have reached this stage, you can decide whether to thicken the liner or whether you are happy with what you have achieved.

I hope this helps you understand a little better how to apply liner.

This is a process which is easier to teach in person and can be covered in a 1-1 lesson. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Love, Sarah

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