Do blondes have more fun?

Hey everyone,

So I asked you to vote on Instagram if you would like to see my hair transformation and the vote was 88% yes. After weeks of thinking about it, I decided to go back blonde. For the past nine years, except the last four months, I have been blonde. Charlene at Tangled Hair Salon Armagh, is the person I trust to do my colour, since my sister Donna left for Australia (having a sister as a hairdresser was amazing).

I have always been really lucky that my hair develops colour so fast, so I can achieve results that would perhaps usually take two, or three attempts at. The next few days will definitely be a shock as I get used to the blonde again, that’s for sure! 🙈 As you can see from my before photo, the blonde was slowly but surely making a comeback, as I had Charlene do an ombre style a couple of months ago to break up the brown. You can’t really see my roots in the before photo but I am naturally a medium-dark brown colour.

Charlene put an Olaplex hair treatment on my hair after colouring it, which is great for reconstructing your hair. My hair feels so soft and honestly doesn’t feel as dry as what it usually would after having had so much done to it.

I am really easy going when it comes to my hair, probably because I dont know anything about it! My only request was a cool toned blonde, so lets have a look…

I’m absolutely delighted with the results and I think I am definitely meant to be a blonde since it takes so quickly! 😂  Now I can finally remind myself if blondes do have more fun.

Love, Sarah

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