Comparing £9 concealers

Well I hope despite the rain you all had a brilliant Monday. As much as I longed for Autumn clothes, I forgot how horrible it is to get caught in the rain. Soggy socks and wet hair is definitely a downside to this time of year!

For the past couple of weeks I have been testing out a different concealer. I love Milani products in general so I wanted to try the ‘Retouch & Erase’ concealer.

So why do we need concealer?

Unless you are sent directly from heaven with an incredible glow or a youthful teenager, the chances are you are going to have some darkness under your eyes. Concealer is the product we all can’t live without but it is extremely important to use the right one for your skin type and skin problem. I can’t ever imagine not using it and infact some days a little concealer is all I use!

Milani ‘Retouch+Erase’ £9

This light lifting concealer claims to ‘instantly erase the look of dark circles, spots, blemishes and imperfections.’ It also says it achieves a ‘flawless colour correction, like a face perfecting filter’ which sounds amazing! Anything that can make you look awake is right up my street.

When I first used the product it seemed as though it had separated and was quite watery. I gave it another squeeze and to my relief it was a thicker consistency. You need to use very little of it to achieve a full coverage under the eye and when blended it looks as flawless as it claims. I always blend out with a brush or sponge so I don’t use the applicator as intended.

Maybelline ‘Instant Anti Age Eraser’ £8.99

This has been a staple in my kit for a couple of years now. It claims to ‘perfect the under eye area covering flawlessly, while caring for the area which suffers most from a hectic social life & lack of sleep.’

I find this particularly good on mature skin as it has a lighter texture and doesn’t settle into fine lines. If you have particularly dark under eyes, I have found that sometimes this is not as thick as other concealers and doesn’t conceal the darkness.

To compare concealers, the Milani one in my opinion has a more full coverage and a thicker consistency. If you use a tiny amount it is suitable for all skin types (take care not to use too much as it can look heavy). The Maybelline concealer is perfect for brightening the undereye. It is easy to blend, but can sometimes need to be mixed with another concealer to build coverage.

The sponge applicators on both mean you can control the amount of product you disperse. You also get more or less the same amount of product with each brand, although the packaging on the Maybelline one is bigger so it looks like you get more of it.

Where can I buy them?

You can purchase the Milani concealer from and the Maybelline from most Superdrug, Boots etc stores.

Thank you for reading,

Love, Sarah


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