Cleanser Recommendation!

Evening guys, I hope you are all well!

For the past week or so I have been trying out a new cleanser. I am a huge fan of Alpha-H products and I love trying out new skincare products. I do find my skin needs me to change my routine every now and again. When I do this, I usually see great results (If I find a good product of course!)


I purchased the Alpha-H Triple Action cleanser to try out as it claims to be perfect for oily skin. It’s so hard to find a cleanser which will remove makeup and excess oil but not strip your face completely of all it’s hydration. My face would be quite sensitive to products and I don’t particularly like the feeling of it stinging when I apply products. This cleanser thankfully does not do that! I can rub it all over my eyes and it doesn’t sting. I find that I get a lovely glow and my skin looks and feels spotless.

As always, I remove my makeup first and then cleanse or alternatively you can cleanse twice. It is just important that your  skin is absolutely clean at the end of the day.

For normal/dry skin types they have another cleanser.

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