Clean Chocolate Co.

Let me firstly start by admitting that I have the biggest sweet tooth you have ever heard of. Personally, I blame my Mummy but don’t tell her I said so.😂

When it comes to making good choices when snacking, I fall of the healthy snack wagon on a daily basis.  This is partly due to the handiness of grabbing a chocolate bar with my coffee. So I am always on the lookout for a healthy alternative.

Ashy Bines is an Australian lady I have followed for over three years. She is too many wonderful things to list which includes being the leader of her own empire (I’m obsessed with her!)

Anyway, Ashy has her own clean treats with the Clean Chocolate Co. which I absolutely had to try. The downside I might add is that they are from Australia and you would have to pay postage to get them. However, if you are lucky enough to know someone coming home from Australia then ask them to bring you home some! There are lots of options to choose from and they are super easy to make.

The majority of them have no baking involved and just require mixing in a bowl and rolling into balls. I often giggled to myself when I heard people say you ‘only need one’ to get rid of your sweet tooth. Well, this is absolutely true. They are rich in flavour and one is most definitely enough at a time.

I took some photos while I made one of the packets, so have a look at how easy it is to prepare them.

And there you have it. You leave them to chill over night and they are ready to eat the next day.

My personal favourite is Coconut Rough although I’ve only tried three and I can’t wait to try more!

So be sure to contact your Aussie buddies and make them find space in their suitcase for these treats!

Love, Sarah



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