Christmas Gift Idea No.2

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog.

This week I decided to show you my favourite combo from MAC that I use pretty much every day. The lippie is definitely up there in my top three from MAC.

My clients all love it and I regularly get asked what it is, so I thought I would share it with you all here as inspiration for Christmas gifts. You will have heard me mention it on lots of occasions on Instagram as I am a huge fan. If someone was to ask me what lipstick I would recommend then it is definitely this beauty.


(Image from

Twig by MAC is the perfect muted pink, that is more on the brownish spectrum than a nude. It is a beautiful satin finish, meaning it is comfortable to wear and more hydrating than a matte lip. Add a gloss to get a very on trend wet look, which is huge right now.

For lip liners, Whirl, Spice and Soar by MAC are a perfect match. I do recommend using a liner as it will help you get a more professional finish, as well as enhancing the shape of the lip.

I have included a few photos below for you too see it as clearly as possible. I am wearing Twig in the first photo and my beautiful client is wearing it in the second, with a gloss applied over the top.



The products retail for:

  • Lipstick £17.50
  • Lipliner £14

Both can be purchased at a MAC store or online, including the Debenhams website also.

I hope you are finding these blog posts helpful when it comes to Christmas or Birthday shopping. Over the next few weeks there will be something for everyone so make sure and subscribe to receive an email every time I upload a new blog.

Thank you as always,

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