Bahama Body by Terrie McEvoy: The best fake tan I’ve ever used

Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weather and long may it last! Today I want to chat all things tan.. Over the years I have tried and tested many brands, some of which I have adored.

I don’t like naming particular brands, but there is one that I particularly love but the only down side is the wear off. Let’s face it, that mad scrub we have to do to try and get it off our skin is never ever appealing. Tan is one of those things that can be absolutely amazing for the first few days, but before you know it, you are hiding your arms and neck out of fear anyone will see the state of your skin.

On a whim last year I purchased a new tan because I love the girl who created it. To be honest, I used it once and then forgot about it until recently.

Bahama Body by Terrie McEvoy is an amazing tan by the SoSue Brand which is extremely successful worldwide. The shade I purchased is Dark and here are my thoughts on it.

I absolutely love that it is vegan and cruelty free too! As you can see I am super pale. In fact, this photo makes me darker than I actually am. For many years now I have applied tan weekly and I couldn’t imagine life without it.

There are many pros and cons to wearing fake tan and one of them is that initial smell after you apply it. This tan doesn’t leave you smelling like curry or biscuits or anything nasty. It dries in very quickly and is ready to wear which is amazing.

As you can see, five minutes later and my arm has completely transformed. It is completely dry and is a beautiful olive tone. But what makes this the best tan I’ve ever used is the wear off. Every week it shocks me that it just fades off naturally. Of course I moisturise after every shower but it just vanishes as though I never applied it, which is absolutely amazing. One layer lasts me about four days and it is honestly the best tan I have ever used.

I genuinely can’t pin point one thing that I don’t like about it and it is very reasonably priced too. I purchased mine from Penneys in the Marshes Shopping Centre in Dundalk.

I hope you enjoyed my review of this tan. If you try it let me know your thoughts and I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Sarah x

30 Days to Healthy Living

Hi everyone, I have been meaning to write a blog post for the last few weeks explaining the 30 days to healthy living plan that I followed in April.

Before this, I had never followed any sort of plan out of fear that it wasn’t achieveable and that I wouldn’t stick to it. I don’t believe in diets and in fact I hate anyone using the word diet. To me, a diet has a finish date and I think healthy eating should be about creating habits that last. I wanted to break bad habits such as snacking on toast, crisps and sweets and learn how to eat healthy, nutritious meals.

On day one I was hopeful but still doubting myself that I would ever see day 30. I quickly learned that meal prepping was the key to not giving in and by day three I seen my energy levels soar. After a week, my clothes were definitely fitting better and I was eating healthier than I ever had. What shocked me the most was that I was eating more food than I ever had done. My body was thriving off all the nutrition and my skin was glowing. It didn’t take long for others to notice and honestly I was so shocked at how quickly the 30 days went by.

There was never a time that I was starving and I prepared my meals in advance which was such a game changer. What was brilliant was that the meals can be eaten by my whole family which means we are all being more healthier too.

I found myself also being more adventurous and putting more effort into making my meals have more colour and flavour. Instead off running for the bread to make toast, I was making time to cook something nutritious. In the mornings I do love a healthy protein smoothie for convenience and I found this very helpful in getting in a balanced breakfast.

The plan resets the digestive system and allows your body to get a break from inflammatory foods such as common allergens. I never thought that I was someone who bloated until I seen my tummy after following the plan!

What I love is that there are so many recipes to follow. The advice and support is amazing from the Facebook group and your sponsor. I do recommend doing it with someone for accountability!

One thing that has become a staple in my day are the energy fizz sticks. As with all Arbonne products, these are plant based, gluten and dairy free and contain B Vitamins to name a few which will give you a natural energy boost.

As I start the plan again I honestly could not recommend it enough. I really believe now more than ever we need to look after ourselves and if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them.

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to be promoted to District Manager and I love helping people lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Sarah x

Time to take care of ourselves ❤️

Hi everyone, I hope you are keeping well. Things are very difficult for a lot of us these days but I am trying my best to distract my followers . Over on my Instagram I have been putting up lots of content from cooking to makeup tutorials. To be truthful it gives me something to do, as well as something for you to watch.

I am also encouraging you to take the time to make yourself feel better. I know when I make time to prioritise myself at least once a week I feel so much more content .

For the past month I have been using this mask from Arbonne. It is absolutely devine and leaves my skin like a babies bum.

If you don’t already follow me on my other social media channels, you might not know that I am a proud Arbonne Independent Consultant. The brand is Plant based, vegan, gluten, dairy and cruelty free to name a few. The products are of such a high quality without all the nasty chemicals.


I highly recommend this mask and guarantee you will love it too. You get lots of product in the tube and it is sure to last a while.

The creamy French pink clay cleanses to draw out excess oil and impurities like a magnet (which you can physically see around your tzone) in turn reducing the look of pores. There are 5 self neutralising acids to clarify and brighten the skins appearance. Don’t worry about it drying out your skin as the hydrating rosemary oil will balance the skin.

We all need this in our life and especially now more than ever, if something as simple as having good skin makes us feel better, then I’m all for it.

I hope you all are safe and well. My phone is always close by if anyone ever needs to talk.

For more info on purchasing Arbonne products, send me a message and I can get you the best discount possible.

Lots of love,

Sarah x

My new favourite product I’ve added to my kit

Hi guys, I hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend!

For the past few weeks I have been trying the Hollywood Flawless Filter from Charlotte Tilbury, after seeing so many Makeup Artist’s absolutely adore it.

As I always say, the proof is in real life when people comment on how fab your skin is looking. My sister actually purchased it too and has been loving it. I use it differently on clients depending on their skin type, so I thought I would briefly chat about that now.

Shade 4

On dry skin, you can pretty much apply this all over. The applicator doesn’t give out much product and I think that’s as you don’t need to over do it and apply too much. A little goes a long way when it’s blended. On myself I apply to my forehead, cheeks and chin and I prefer to blend it onto the skin after moisturising and before foundation. On my ‘no makeup’ days, I have been wearing just this with some concealer under my eyes and my skin looks so incredibly healthy.

If your skin is more on the oily side then I would recommend only applying to the high points of the cheekbones and no where else. This will give your skin a beautiful healthy glow, without looking like oil. If you add this to your t-zone area, then it could be mistaken for oil. On a client with oily skin, I like to keep the nose, chin and forehead matte and add a glow to other areas.

Shade 2

For the past month I have had no issues with this product and I give it 10/10 in terms of what it is meant to achieve.

I mostly use shade 4 medium tan on my clients as they usually have a tan on when they are getting their makeup done. There are lighter and darker shades to suit everyone and it retails for £30.

I will definitely be restocking this in my kit.

Have a lovely weekend,

Sarah xxx

My skin saviour- a product which has transformed my skin!

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts for the past couple of weeks. I have been super busy as well as not feeling 100% some days, so the blog and all my social media got neglected a bit.

We all know that hormones play havoc with our skin and by goodness pregnancy has completely changed mine. The transition from oily skin to dry skin had me a bit frustrated.

After weeks and weeks of trying to rectify the issue, I decided to try this product. I wish I had bought it sooner, but I was a bit hesitant to try it if I’m honest.

In the space of 5 or 6 days, my skin had honestly never looked better. I am always asking my hubby to feel my forehead which may sound so incredibly stupid to some of you, but I have always had texture on my forehead and then it was extremely dry. Every morning it looked as though I had burnt my face and it was peeling off. Over Christmas I remember it starting to get particularly bad and from then on the only thing that has massively helped has been the Ella & Jo 3 in 1 Hyaluronic Skin Mist.

This was created by Charlene Flanagan (a makeup artist who I have followed on Instagram for a very long time) and Niamh Ryan who is also a makeup artist. They have created a product which hydrates, plumps and sets makeup. With beautiful ingredients such as witch hazel, green tea and aloe vera added, the formula conditions dry skin perfectly.

Personally, I apply it in the morning before my moisturiser and at night after cleansing and before my night time moisturiser. I also spray a quick spritz of it over my makeup when I apply it to set.

I also hold it closer to my face when I’ve no makeup on and further away when I do have makeup. After trying it a couple of different ways, I’ve found that to be the most effective.

My skin literally feels as soft as a babies bottom and I count this to be the reason why. It did take a few days for me to notice any results but the results have been long lasting and consistent.

You also can use this for any skin type to add a layer of hydration! So, those of you with oily or normal skin can use it too! Hyaluronic acid has long been known for being a hero ingredient in anti ageing skin care too.

You can purchase directly from as seen from the screenshot of the website above. My delivery came super fast and with no issues.

If you give this a try I would love to hear what you thought! In my personal opinion, everyone needs this in their life and I rate it 10/10.

Thanks so much for reading my blog and if you didn’t see my video on this product on Instagram, then check it out in my highlights section.

Instagram- sarahmccaffrey_promakeupartist

Have a lovely week,

Sarah xxx