Image Skincare Review
Hey everyone, this post is one I have been so excited to write. Before you say it, yes I am weird that I get so excited over skincare right? To be fair, skincare is something… View Full Post View Post

A look inside our room at the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast
Hey guys, so I asked my followers on Instagram to vote if they would like to see a blog post on our night staying at the Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast. So after a lot of… View Full Post View Post

Do blondes have more fun?
Hey everyone, So I asked you to vote on Instagram if you would like to see my hair transformation and the vote was 88% yes. After weeks of thinking about it, I decided to go… View Full Post View Post

Time to blog…
Welcome to my blog! It feels so surreal to finally say that, as I have thought about it for so long and I finally gave myself a push to do it. I absolutely love to… View Full Post View Post

Spain May 2018
Hey everyone ♥️ This time of year I get lots of questions about waxing, tan, nails, basically all those things that us girls have to do to get ready for a holiday (it’s a man’s… View Full Post View Post