Phi Brows- All your questions answered

Hey guys, it has been so so long since I’ve been on here and if you didn’t know, I had a beautiful baby girl in July called Eva. I will pop in a photo of her at the end!

To keep things as short as possible I thought I would discuss my Phi Brows in a question and answer format, as these were the type of questions I wondered before I got them. As a makeup artist, I found that lots of my clients would remark on my brows and say how much they liked them. I used to laugh and explain that it was all an illusion, as they were terrible in reality. Now you get to see just how bad they really were.

Lets begin….

Who did I go to? 

Kathy Brennan, who I have followed for a long time on Instagram (kathybrennanbrowtribe). She is based in Belfast.

How much did they cost? 

£270 (This might change and be different elsewhere)

Is it painful? 

The first appointment no, the second was definitely more unbearable. The first time, I found it like getting my brows threaded, but for some reason the top up was definitely harder and thankfully only lasted an hour. This in no way puts me off getting them done again,  as any discomfort ends the minute you are finished the appointment.

Did you approve the shape before Kathy started? 

After measuring everything absolutely perfectly and double checking with the Phi Brow app, Kathy got me to look at her outline and see what I thought. I trusted her completely so I let her do what she thought was best. I prefer the look of the hair strokes as I feel it looks good with or without makeup.

How did they heal and did it take long? 

Mine healed perfectly. I used the wax that Kathy gave me to apply three times a day and I had no problems. The first day you get them done it felt a bit stingy and tight and by the next day my brows were normal after both appointments.

Did they fade much between appointments? 

Yes, mine faded maybe a bit more than normal due to my oily skin. That’s why the top up appointment is so good and got them back to their best again.

Do you still need to wax and tint your brows? 

Yes. My brow shape has changed a lot and I need to wax the hairs now that aren’t inside my new brow basically. You can still tint them too!

Do I have any regrets? 

Only that I never got them sooner!

Would I recommend them? 

Absolutely, I couldn’t ever justify the money. For the past 2 or maybe 3 years, I wanted them and finally found the courage and went for it. I highly suggest putting away £5 a week and treating yourself at Christmas if you don’t want to spend the money up front. It has made my life so much easier and saves me so much time every day trying to make them perfect. To see them there first thing in the morning in particular, makes me smile every day! If your brows are something that you are insecure about like I was with no makeup on, then I suggest you look into phi brows. One thing I will say is, make sure and research who you decide to go to. Check out their photos and reviews because your eyebrows are such a huge part of your face and its important to get them right!

How often do you need them topped up? 

As far as I know everyone is different. I plan on seeing how they look around Christmas time and maybe get them topped up yearly.

Before & After

I hope I answered most of your questions. Lets see the before and after photo, which I got from Kathy’s Instagram. My before photo doesn’t look as bad as what they actually were surprisingly.



The difference is just amazing! Here is a photo below of how they look filled in with a little powder. I haven’t had much time recently to do a full face of makeup and now is as good a time as ever to introduce little Eva to the blog too!


I hope you enjoyed reading my first post of 2020. This year I plan to do lots of product reviews and can’t wait to get back into the swing of my blog again.

Chat soon,

Sarah x

My top tips for getting clear skin.

Hey guys, today I would like to chat to you about how I managed to clear my skin. For many years I thought using harsh exfoliators such as St.Ives products would really get deep down into my spots and clear my skin up. From little knowledge I imagined the harder I scrubed, that I would get rid of all the old skin cells and make way for fresh, new skin.

It was only after reading an article by a skincare brand that I started to think about what I was doing. When you really think about it, some of those scrubs actually hurt when using them. The tiny bits inside the product are scraping away and causing further damage to the skin. If you have any broken capillaries on your face (those little red lines on your cheeks perhaps), exfoliating isn’t going to do those any favours.

After this research I decided to bin the harsh exfoliator that I had been using for years and look into a more gentle form of exfoliation. In fact, I found when I started cleaning my face properly i.e. double cleansing and using the correct moisturiser for my skin type, that I didn’t need to exfoliate. The cleansing mitt that I use from Primark really acts as an exfoliator too. I definitely noticed a huge difference in my skin and how it was reacting to products when I changed my routine.

Of course, I’m not saying it was a miracle worker as when one problem ends another usually begins. But for sure my skin wasn’t even as sensitive as I was being more gentle with it than ever.

In terms of spots, I don’t ever suffer as bad as I used to and my skin has never looked better. It’s all about finding a way of managing the conditions you develop.

I often hear people talk about exfoliating their spots and it makes me think they should try leaving them alone for a while. Perhaps this method might work for you if you give it a go. As a makeup artist though I am very conscious of skin and try my best to control it when I can.

Another simple tips for helping clear up your skin include:

  • Changing your pillow cases often. In cases of very oily skin, turn the pillow on the second night and change the pillow case on the third day. That way you get two days from one pillow case.
  • Using the correct products for your skin type is so important. There is no point in using something because your friend uses it. The chances of both your skins reacting the same is unlikely. Speak to a skincare specialist if you are unsure what type of skin you have. Then you can use the correct products and you will be surprised how much of a difference this will make. Our skin is usually trying to tell us something. I can be that you are dehydrated, need more sleep, need to eat less sugar or fatty foods or as simple as an imbalance of hormones. If you can figure this out you are well on your way to a clearer complexion.
  • Avoid touching your face throughout the day. Our hands harbour lots of germs and we are spreading them onto our faces without even knowing.
  • Sanitise your phone often as when you are talking on the phone it is up against your face and also has lots of germs.
  • The next one is an obvious one but drink more water.
  • Pay particular attention to the time of the month. If you know that you get some spots around that time, then don’t panic and think all your hard work isn’t paying off- hormones play havoc with all of us.
  • Last but not least, clean any makeup brushes you use often. Those things are the perfect breeding ground for spots!

I hope some of these tips help. There are lots more but I find that these are good methods of trying to control acne. If you ever have any further questions about how to treat your skin, definitely speak to a skincare specialist as they always know best.

Thanks so much as always,

Love Sarah xxx

Cleanser Recommendation!

Evening guys, I hope you are all well!

For the past week or so I have been trying out a new cleanser. I am a huge fan of Alpha-H products and I love trying out new skincare products. I do find my skin needs me to change my routine every now and again. When I do this, I usually see great results (If I find a good product of course!)


I purchased the Alpha-H Triple Action cleanser to try out as it claims to be perfect for oily skin. It’s so hard to find a cleanser which will remove makeup and excess oil but not strip your face completely of all it’s hydration. My face would be quite sensitive to products and I don’t particularly like the feeling of it stinging when I apply products. This cleanser thankfully does not do that! I can rub it all over my eyes and it doesn’t sting. I find that I get a lovely glow and my skin looks and feels spotless.

As always, I remove my makeup first and then cleanse or alternatively you can cleanse twice. It is just important that your  skin is absolutely clean at the end of the day.

For normal/dry skin types they have another cleanser.

My top moisturisers for face & body

Happy Sunday to all, I hope the weekend is treating you well and not going as quickly as it usually does. How does Monday always manage to creep up so quickly?

Now that the weather has changed and there is a sharp chill in the air, it is so important that we look after both the skin on our face and our body. This usually means two separate products as more often that not, the body moisturisers will have perfumes/fragrances which may irritate the face.

So to start things off I will tell you the things I look for when searching for that ‘perfect’ body moisturiser. I use fake tan all year round so it is super important that my skin is hydrated. There is nothing worse than tan clinging to areas of dry patches and being dirty looking on the skin. Even though it takes a minute or two to apply moisturiser, it’s one of those things we want to be able to do as quick as possible. It is also preferable that you don’t feel sticky after applying it and that it doesn’t sit on the skin.

The first time I heard of this particular product, which has been my favourite for almost two years, was when I attended a Bellamianta Spray Tan training course. We were advised to buy it and even though I often buy new moisturisers (you should see the drawer in my bathroom, I could sell them), I always go back to this one and never ever finish the others.

The Garnier Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Lotion is so fast absorbing which is one of the main reasons I love it. The second and equally as important reason, is because of how hydrated you’re skin will feel even after a few days. I highly recommend you try this product and at under £3, the price point is amazing. This will guarantee to make your tan easier to apply as well as it wearing off better. It definitely does what it says on the tin!

Next up is the most important area, the skin on your face. As we are all aware, there are so many skin types and factors to consider. For example I have combination skin and I have an oily t-zone but more or less normal/dehydrated everywhere else. Over the last few years I spent under £5 on my moisturisers and to be honest, it’s only now as I look back that I realise how I could have saved myself a lot of blemishes, never mind shine! Since the day I started my Image Skincare routine I have never once had to touch up my makeup. I can honestly, hand on heart say that my face has been completely shine free and my oil has been kept at bay. One product I really consider as being my ‘hero’ product, is the Image Prevention + daily matte moisturiser SPF 32+. You use the smallest amount every morning and one bottle would honestly last months.

I am a firm preacher of skincare. You cannot expect your makeup to sit flawless if your base isn’t flawless. We only get one face and it is so important that we take care of it. The Image moisturiser is more pricey but I wouldn’t tell you about it if I didn’t think it was 100% worth it. Now, I honestly cannot remember the price but I’m pretty sure it was in the £40 price range. If this product is something you are interested in investing in, then please speak to a skincare specialist in regards to the correct product for you. I highly doubt I will ever change my moisturiser again, although there is a Charlotte Tilbury one I am dying to try (I told you that I am never done lol).

Oh and before I forget, don’t forget to moisturise your neck every day- it is one of the first areas which will show signs of ageing!

I hope this review helps anyone who is need of some new products.

Chat soon,


Clean Chocolate Co.

Let me firstly start by admitting that I have the biggest sweet tooth you have ever heard of. Personally, I blame my Mummy but don’t tell her I said so.😂

When it comes to making good choices when snacking, I fall of the healthy snack wagon on a daily basis.  This is partly due to the handiness of grabbing a chocolate bar with my coffee. So I am always on the lookout for a healthy alternative.

Ashy Bines is an Australian lady I have followed for over three years. She is too many wonderful things to list which includes being the leader of her own empire (I’m obsessed with her!)

Anyway, Ashy has her own clean treats with the Clean Chocolate Co. which I absolutely had to try. The downside I might add is that they are from Australia and you would have to pay postage to get them. However, if you are lucky enough to know someone coming home from Australia then ask them to bring you home some! There are lots of options to choose from and they are super easy to make.

The majority of them have no baking involved and just require mixing in a bowl and rolling into balls. I often giggled to myself when I heard people say you ‘only need one’ to get rid of your sweet tooth. Well, this is absolutely true. They are rich in flavour and one is most definitely enough at a time.

I took some photos while I made one of the packets, so have a look at how easy it is to prepare them.

And there you have it. You leave them to chill over night and they are ready to eat the next day.

My personal favourite is Coconut Rough although I’ve only tried three and I can’t wait to try more!

So be sure to contact your Aussie buddies and make them find space in their suitcase for these treats!

Love, Sarah