30 Days to Healthy Living

Hi everyone, I have been meaning to write a blog post for the last few weeks explaining the 30 days to healthy living plan that I followed in April.

Before this, I had never followed any sort of plan out of fear that it wasn’t achieveable and that I wouldn’t stick to it. I don’t believe in diets and in fact I hate anyone using the word diet. To me, a diet has a finish date and I think healthy eating should be about creating habits that last. I wanted to break bad habits such as snacking on toast, crisps and sweets and learn how to eat healthy, nutritious meals.

On day one I was hopeful but still doubting myself that I would ever see day 30. I quickly learned that meal prepping was the key to not giving in and by day three I seen my energy levels soar. After a week, my clothes were definitely fitting better and I was eating healthier than I ever had. What shocked me the most was that I was eating more food than I ever had done. My body was thriving off all the nutrition and my skin was glowing. It didn’t take long for others to notice and honestly I was so shocked at how quickly the 30 days went by.

There was never a time that I was starving and I prepared my meals in advance which was such a game changer. What was brilliant was that the meals can be eaten by my whole family which means we are all being more healthier too.

I found myself also being more adventurous and putting more effort into making my meals have more colour and flavour. Instead off running for the bread to make toast, I was making time to cook something nutritious. In the mornings I do love a healthy protein smoothie for convenience and I found this very helpful in getting in a balanced breakfast.

The plan resets the digestive system and allows your body to get a break from inflammatory foods such as common allergens. I never thought that I was someone who bloated until I seen my tummy after following the plan!

What I love is that there are so many recipes to follow. The advice and support is amazing from the Facebook group and your sponsor. I do recommend doing it with someone for accountability!

One thing that has become a staple in my day are the energy fizz sticks. As with all Arbonne products, these are plant based, gluten and dairy free and contain B Vitamins to name a few which will give you a natural energy boost.

As I start the plan again I honestly could not recommend it enough. I really believe now more than ever we need to look after ourselves and if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them.

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to be promoted to District Manager and I love helping people lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Sarah x

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